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Crown and Bridge


A crown (or cap) is a covering made to restore a tooth back to health and function. When teeth are damaged from decay, weak from large old fillings, worn, cracked or broken down, crowns can be used to give you back healthy functional teeth. A new crown generally requires two office visits. At the first visit, impressions will be made and the tooth will be prepared. You will leave the office with a temporary crown in place until your new crown is created at the dental lab. You will then return for a second office visit to place your permanent crown.

Some teeth also require what is called a build-up to help give the crown stability. Crowns can be made out of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or full gold. After consulting with Dr. Ben, you can both determine which crown option will be best for you.



A common way to replace missing teeth is having a bridge placed. A false tooth is made and attached to two porcelain crowns made for the natural teeth that are on either side of the space where the tooth is missing. These crowns and the false tooth are one piece and are fixed over the natural teeth – unlike a denture, bridges are not removable. A bridge will not only help with appearance and function but can also allow other teeth to last longer by reducing the stress put on them when a tooth or teeth are missing.

Bridges can be used to replace teeth that are missing from any place in your mouth as long as the teeth that would be used to anchor the bridge are healthy and strong. Dr. Ben will recommend the type of bridge best suited for your individual needs.