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Comprehensive and Periodic Dental Exams

Unless you are being seen for a dental emergency, the comprehensive exam is often your first appointment at our office. At this appointment, we will take a thorough medical health history, ask for a list of your medications and known allergies and take a full mouth series of x-rays. Once Dr. Ben has come in to greet you and he will perform the comprehensive exam looking at your x-rays and all aspects of your mouth – teeth, gums, muscles, facial bones and bite. He will also discuss with you your past dental history and any issues or concerns you have regarding your oral health and smile and recommend the type of dental cleaning you should have at your next visit.

Comprehensive Exam:

Once you have been established in our office as a patient, you will return periodically for professional hygiene cleanings. At your cleanings, Dr. Ben will regularly examine your mouth for anything that the hygienist may have seen or you discussed during your visit, he will review your updated x-rays and discuss any new issues or concerns regarding your oral health. This is called the periodic exam and it is important to regularly evaluate your mouth to ensure there are no issues or concerns that may need to be addressed. It’s kind of like having your oil changed - you want the mechanic checking under the hood so you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road! Prevention is the best medicine.

Periodic Exam: